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About Us
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        Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co,. Ltd. is located in Baoji City, which is known as the “Titanium valley of China”, and the new material and high-teach industry base. Our company specializes in the melting, processing and sales of titanium (eg. titanium mesh) and other rare metals. Our products are sold both in domestic and overseas markets. We have 80 employees in total, including 3 doctors, 6 post graduates, 20 technical personnel with university degrees and 40 professional technicians...
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Add:Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China High-tech Road National Tax Jiayuan.
Office tel::+8615877510850
M S N :fml0123@hotmail.com Site:http://www.Sino-SwissTi.com

You are an entrepreneur, looking where to buy titanium sheets and alloys?

What will you say about an opportunity to buy and order titanium sheets and titanium alloys straight from the heart of the Titanium Valley of China?

With Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co. Ltd this offer is quite real!

The Best of Titanium Valley

The area of the Baoji City is known for its titanium abundance, giving rise to many industrial companies working with rare metals. Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co. Ltd is one of the most successful titanium manufacturers that extends its services beyond China to corporations and business owners connected to the chemical, pharmaceutical, sports equipment, marine engineering and various other scientific and commercial fields.

Our expertise includes:

  • Research and manufacturing of titanium alloys;
  • Processing and selling titanium sheets and parts;
  • Titanium rolling;
  • Titanium surface treatment;

Our company obliges all national and international titanium production and safety standards. Our quality control system allows no flaws, no negligence - only top conditions of the titanium sheets and alloys we offer for sale.

Superior titanium sheets for competitive prices

We work hard to get ahead of our competitors in terms of providing our buyers everywhere with the best and the widest range of products, while keeping our prices adequate.

At Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co. Ltd we offer our buyers the following parts made of titanium for sale: wires, plates, bars nails, sprockets, bolts.

Need a particular titanium equipment part? Order it from us and we will make it for you! All custom titanium parts you purchase will be swiftly shipped to your company in China, USA or any other part of the globe.

If you are a manufacturer in need of materials, we offer you the best titanium based alloys, made and tested by our experts:

  • Copper titanium alloys;
  • Titanium gold alloys;
  • Iron titanium alloys;
  • Titanium silver alloys;
  • Many other rare alloys.

When it comes to transparent client policy and service our resolve is as firm and unwavering as titanium itself. You can see our pricing range by looking at the titanium prices, featured on our website as well as view our equipment photos, learn more about our team and achievements.

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