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        Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co,. Ltd. is located in Baoji City,which is known as the “Titanium valley of china”,and the new material and high-teach industry base.Our company specializes in the melting,processing and sales of titanium(eg.titanium mesh) and other rare metals.Our products are sold both in domestic and overseas markets.We have 80 employees in total,including 3 docors,6 post graduates,20 technical personnel with university degrees and 40 professional technicians...
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Add:Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China High-tech Road National Tax Jiayuan.
Office tel::+8615877510850
M S N :fml0123@hotmail.com Site:http://www.Sino-SwissTi.com
We are experts in making titanium products. Based in the high-tech industry area of Boaji City in China, we have an experienced workforce who manufacture and sell titanium products. We sell in China and abroad and have a big range of products available to buy. Experts in titanium products since 2000, we produce everything from titanium bolts and nuts to titanium mesh plate. Our products are used for many industries and in many different countries. We have many different pieces of machinery so that we can produce the very best quality products. The products that we sell reach industry standards across many countries and therefore meet the needs of our customers. The products that we have for sale include titanium raw materials such as titanium ingots for sale. We also supply racing titanium parts, titanium precision parts, titanium bolts and fasteners, racing titanium parts, bicycle titanium parts and titanium equipment. We have a large inventory of items that you can choose from. You will find titanium tube china with tubing fasteners as well as pens, baskets, coffee cups, screws, rods, nozzles, table wear, washers and even motorcycle titanium bolts, We have quality standards and our company principles include providing competitive prices, high quality products and delivering items on time. We are proud of being able to offer a quality product and hope that out customers really appreciate them. So whatever titanium items you need, we are likely to have something that will work for you. One of our sales advisors will be happy to discuss your needs and let you know whether we have products that will suit you. They will be able to talk to you about pricing, delivery and anything else that you need details of. You can contact us online as well, if that is easier for you.
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